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Mondays @ 7:00 PM
Alpha Program (meets fall and spring)
A great way to reach out to those who need an answer. 10-week seasonal discussion group on the foundations of the Christian faith.

First Tuesday of the Month
Glory Invasion Power Prayer and Worship Meeting
Second Tuesday of the Month
7:00 - 9:00 PM
Young Adults Meeting
Ages 18-35
Third Tuesday of the Month
Glory Invasion Power Prayer and Worship Meeting
Last Tuesday of the Month
7:00 - 9:00 PM  - Tabernacle of David Service of Devotional Worship

Wednesdays @ 8:00 PM 
A 12-step program ministry that will help you get free from addictive behaviors of all kinds.

**Men's Bible Study (meets offsite)

Note: Both groups meet every other Wednesday. Call the office for the schedule.

Wednesdays @ 7:00 PM
Healing Rooms
Submit the application below and you will be contacted for an appointment.

Fridays @ 7:30 PM
Gym opens @ 7:00 pm
Meeting begins @ 8:00pm
Ages 12-18yrs

Men's and Ladies' Breakfast Fellowships
These groups meet periodically for breakfast on a Saturday at 9:30 a.m..  
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Stay in the Word - Week of April 1, 2018

Missing past issues of Stay in the Word not posted on this site?  Call us at 718-921-4673 and we'll email you the weeks you want.



Weekly Daily Devotional

Week of April 1, 2018


Monday – Nehemiah, Chapter 5

1.There was an economic crisis, a famine, plus the need to pay taxes, before  Nehemiah came. Leaders, admonish those who ignore the welfare of others to  pursue personal gain. Cry out for justice for the poor and needy!  (Vs. 1-13)

2.Nehemiah led by example. Self-sacrifice is a must for moral leadership as  Nehemiah shows. (Vs. 14-19) Leaders, let him be our example! 

3.Leaders, devote yourselves to working diligently. Become an example for  others. (Vs. 15,16)

Tuesday - Nehemiah, Chapter 6

1.When God calls us to a work, let us catch the vision of the greatness of it and  our contribution, even if it seems small and insignificant. Corporately, working  together we can achieve His purposes. (Vs. 3) Nehemiah could not be distracted  by friend or enemy, until the work was completed. Great vision with unwavering  faith achieves the realization of God's purposes for our lives and our generation.  (Vs. 3) 

2.All who claim to be God's messengers need to be tested as to whether they  are truly sent by Him. Some make that claim, that they are undertaking a ministry  ordained by God, but in reality are only seeking glory and prosperity for   themselves. (Vs. 12)  

3.The wall was completed because God was with His people, because they had  a courageous, dedicated, and persevering leader, Nehemiah, who depended  entirely on God as His protection and source of strength. The people worked with  all their heart following their leader in giving of themselves with courage until the  task was completed. (Vs. 15) Let us learn from this!


Wednesday - Nehemiah, Chapter 7

1.The Scriptural principle in selecting leaders for God's work is to appoint those  who have persevered in faithfulness to God and His Word, and have   demonstrated a godly fear of sin and its consequences. (Vs. 2) 

2.Today, let us take time to pray that God will find us faithful!

Thursday, Nehemiah, Chapter 8

1.The revival was initiated by a sincere return to God's Word and the true desire  to understand it's meaning. (Vs. 3) One of the greatest evidences of true revival 
 is a deep hunger to hear and read God's Word. How hungry are we?

2.This chapter deals with one of the greatest worship services of all time. (Vs.  6)Take time out today to truly worship Him!

3.What is our strength? This joy is based on reconciliation with God and the  presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives.  (Vs. 10) Highlight this Scripture and let  us remember it. This joy acts as a fortress to guard us from troubles and   temptations each day. 

Friday, Nehemiah, Chapter 9

1.A great separation took place between Israelites and foreigners. All entering  the covenant had to be pure. (Vs. 1-3) Those who separated themselves   confessed their sins and they continued to seek God by fasting and humbling  themselves. Let us make the decision today to separate ourselves from anything  that can lead to sin, and let us confess any known sins.

2.The prayer of the Israelites is a recall of all that God had done for them. He  alone is the Lord! (Vs. 6-37) 

3.God is Merciful, and ready to accept again those who have forsaken Him and  sinned whenever they repent. (Vs. 17) He is patient and long-suffering with the  faults of his children, as they express a desire to follow Him fully and gain   complete victory over sin. The Holy Spirit is our leader to guide us into God's  truth and righteous ways. (Vs. 20)

Saturday - Nehemiah, Chapter 10

1.God's people entered into covenant with Him. (Vs. 1-39)

2.This was a firm commitment to obey God's will, dedicate themselves to serve   Him faithfully and separate themselves from the world. It was a commitment to   support God's work with their time, their possessions, and their money. (Vs. 32-  39) Can we, in the light that we have as followers of Christ, do any less? Let us   examine ourselves today. How strong is our commitment to Him? What are we   willing to do as His followers?


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