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8:30 & 11:00 AM Worship Service
Sunday School, Childcare and Valet Parking provided in both services
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Mondays @ 7:00 PM
Alpha Program (meets fall and spring)
A great way to reach out to those who need an answer. 10-week seasonal discussion group on the foundations of the Christian faith.

First Tuesday of the Month
Glory Invasion Power Prayer and Worship Meeting
Second Tuesday of the Month
7:00 - 9:00 PM
Young Adults Meeting
Ages 18-35
Third Tuesday of the Month
Glory Invasion Power Prayer and Worship Meeting
Last Tuesday of the Month
7:00 - 9:00 PM  - Tabernacle of David Service of Devotional Worship

Wednesdays @ 8:00 PM 
A 12-step program ministry that will help you get free from addictive behaviors of all kinds.

**Men's Bible Study (meets offsite)

Note: Both groups meet every other Wednesday. Call the office for the schedule.

Wednesdays @ 7:00 PM
Healing Rooms
Submit the application below and you will be contacted for an appointment.

Fridays @ 7:30 PM
Gym opens @ 7:00 pm
Meeting begins @ 8:00pm
Ages 12-18yrs

Men's and Ladies' Breakfast Fellowships
These groups meet periodically for breakfast on a Saturday at 9:30 a.m..  
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Missing past issues of Stay in the Word not posted on this site? 
Email or call us and we'll send you the weeks you want.
Stay in the Word - Week of April 30, 2017

Missing past issues of Stay in the Word not posted on this site?  Email or call us and we'll send you the weeks you want.



Weekly Daily Devotional

Week of April 30, 2017


Monday – 2 Kings, Chapter 15    
1.    King Asariah was one of the more stable kings in Israel. However, he is  remembered as the "leper-king." Asariah tolerated idolatry and the Lord punished  him with leprosy. (Vs. 1-5) Ultimately, our relationship with God is the important  thing.  Who and what is first in our life?
2.    This chapter goes on to speak of how Israel's kings committed the most  deplorable acts. Israel became so evil now that her destruction was imminent.  (Vs. 16) Again, the high places were not removed, which compromised God's  protection and blessing. If we want God's blessings we cannot serve both Him  and satan. Choose today whom you will serve. 

Tuesday – 2 Kings, Chapter 16    
1.    Ahaz continued in the way of the kings of Israel, he did not serve the Lord.  Children were sacrificed by fire  in worship at Molech. This was a dark time of  chaos and corruption. (Vs. 3) When reading this, think of today and how things  are in a Godless society. Children today are sacrificed by abortion. Pray for an  end to this! Pray  for your City, your State, your Country, the world. Pray for all  those in authority to receive salvation, healing, deliverance,  wisdom,   knowledge and understanding. Pray for every man woman and child to   receive the Lord and for all to turn from their wicked ways. Pray for Christians  everywhere to be strong in Him, and always do what is right in the eyes of God.  Pray for your family, for yourself, always to be strong in the Lord and set an  example of what is right and good.  

Wednesday - 2 Kings Chapter 17    
1.    God judges His people severely when they continue in the standards of the  world rather than His. (Vs. 7-15) Today, reject any standards of this world in you.  Put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and ask Him to give you His mind and His   standards. 
2.    Intermarriage between Israelites not taken to Assyria and foreigners brought  to the land of Israel produced the people called the "Samaritans." The result was  a mixture of foreign religious and cultural traditions with Hebrew customs and  faith. (Vs. 24) In New Testament time, many Samaritans left their pagan ways  and developed a faith based exclusively on the Pentateuch (the first five books  of the Bible.)

Thursday - 2 Kings, Chapter 18    
1.    Finally, Hezekiah comes along and removes the high places! (Vs. 1-5) The  snake was originally a good thing, but over time it was seen as something that  could help the people, and it acquired the status of an idol. Think of things that  people look to for help, or "luck" such as a horseshoe, or statue of an elephant.  In itself these things are not evil, but using them to gain help instead of turning to  God is idolatry.

2.    Hezekiah trusted in God, he followed Him and God gave him success. (Vs. 5- 7) If we want success, let us do the same. 

Friday - 2 Kings, Chapter 19    
1.    Isaiah, the great prophet ministered during those days when Jerusalem was  under siege. (Vs.2-5)
2.    "Instead of reacting to the enemy, Hezekiah cries out to God in prayer. This is  an example of what believers should do when threatened by an enemy. (Vs. 8- 19) Let us get that ingrained in our spirit!

Saturday - 2 Kings, Chapter 20    
1.    What did Hezekiah do when he became ill to the point of death? (Vs. 1-7)  God's answer to his prayer is a powerful example of how God responds to urgent  prayer. 


2.    What was the sign that the Lord would heal him? (Vs. 8-11)

3.    Applying the poultice was probably a medical aid, but that alone did not cure  him. God hears our prayers, and will use miracle means, natural means and  human means to bring healing. Pray first, then see the doctor!  (Vs. 1-11)  

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