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8:30 & 11:00 AM Worship Service
Sunday School, Childcare and Valet Parking provided in both services
(Valet Parking is now located around the corner at The Guild, 260 68th Street.)
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Mondays @ 7:00 PM
Alpha Program (meets fall and spring)
A great way to reach out to those who need an answer. 10-week seasonal discussion group on the foundations of the Christian faith.
Alpha II - A Study in the Book of Philippians begins Monday, June 26 through August 21, 2017 
All are welcome to attend.  You need not have attended Alpha I.

First Tuesday of the Month
Glory Invasion Power Prayer and Worship Meeting
Second Tuesday of the Month
7:00 - 9:00 PM
Young Adults Meeting
Ages 18-35
Third Tuesday of the Month
Glory Invasion Power Prayer and Worship Meeting
Last Tuesday of the Month
7:00 - 9:00 PM  - Tabernacle of David Service of Devotional Worship

Wednesdays @ 8:00 PM 
A 12-step program ministry that will help you get free from addictive behaviors of all kinds.

**Men's Bible Study (meets offsite)

Note: Both groups meet every other Wednesday. Call the office for the schedule.

Wednesdays @ 7:00 PM
Healing Rooms
Submit the application below and you will be contacted for an appointment.

Fridays @ 7:30 PM
Gym opens @ 7:00 pm
Meeting begins @ 8:00pm
Ages 12-18yrs

Men's and Ladies' Breakfast Fellowships
These groups meet periodically for breakfast on a Saturday at 9:30 a.m..  
E-mail us to receive notification.


Reach us during the week at: 
Gateway City Church
257/267 Bay Ridge Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11220
 718.921.4673 | office
 718.680.9733 | fax
Office Hours:

Rev. Roger McPhail, Sr. Pastor


Missing past issues of Stay in the Word not posted on this site? 
Email or call us and we'll send you the weeks you want.
Stay in the Word - Week of August 6, 2017

Missing past issues of Stay in the Word not posted on this site?  Call us at 718-921-4673 and we'll email you the weeks you want.



Weekly Daily Devotional

Week of August 6, 2017



Monday – Psalm 77

1.How did the psalmist cry out to God? What happened when he did?   (Vs. 1) When we are in trouble, how should we cry out to God?

2.He is so disturbed that he cannot sleep. How many nights have we   stayed awake because our troubles are on our mind?  We can all identify   with him. (Vs. 2-6) If there is something on your mind today, cry out to   God with your voice! Give your problem to Him! 

3.Talk about what God has done to encourage others. Testify of His   Goodness so that they can be built up in their faith. (Vs. 10-20)

Tuesday – Psalm 78

1.Parents, it is extremely important to pass on your faith to your children.   Fathers, the primary source for instruction is you. (Vs. 4-8) Train your   children in the Lord, and they will not depart from it. 

2.Israel failed spiritually in part because they forgot the miracles God had   performed among their founding fathers. Let us not forget God's deeds   and miracles done through faithful believers in the church. The Holy Spirit   wants to act today with signs, miracles and wonders as in the former days   so that the message of salvation can go out through our lives and   churches in the same power and effectiveness. If you have not received   the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, pray for it. Seek your pastor or an elder to   help you receive it. (Vs. 11) 

3.What causes people to turn to God? (Vs. 34) When God's judgement   takes a life, it is not murder, it is justice. 

4.Let us resolve today to always be faithful to God and His covenant. (Vs.   37) 

5.Our God is a Merciful God! He will never abandon us in our    imperfections. (Vs. 38) However, God's patience and forgiveness cannot   be presumed upon  if we are in willful disobedience and rebellion. Let us   take time to examine ourselves today and if we find any willful sin in our   life, let us confess it and turn around and make things right. 


Wednesday - Psalm 79

1.While it is true that God is love and the source of love, we cannot  escape the fact that He is holy. Love does not distort His righteousness.   He hates sin and directs His wrath against those who defiantly rebel   against Him. (Vs. 5)

2.This psalm was sung by the survivors of the destruction of Jerusalem,   the remnant. Repentance began as they distanced themselves from the   sins of the former generations. This repentance led to restoration.   However, it is true that children suffer the effects of their parents sins.   Think of children of alcoholics, or adulterers, etc. (Vs. 8)

3.Let us remember that God saves and blesses because of His Name,   His honor, not because of works of righteousness. (Vs. 9) 

Thursday - Psalm 80

1.This is a psalm of Intercession. The psalmist pleads for the revival and   restoration of God's people to full blessing and favor from God. 

2.To "shine" is similar to our expression "to smile on us." (Vs. 3)

3.God's anger was directed more at the past sins of the Israelites rather   than their current prayers. (Vs. 4) The writer wants God to restore Israel to   the way it was before the enemy invasions.  Today and every day, pray for   the peace of Jerusalem. 

Friday - Psalm 81

1.This song was for the New Year and the Feast of Tabernacles in the   autumn. (Vs. 1-5) Make a joyful noise today! Shout and sing to God. 

2.Let us pray for release from disobedient and stubborn attitudes that   block God's hand in granting us spiritual victory. (Vs. 13-16)

Saturday - Psalm 82

1.This psalm is a pronouncement against corrupt judges. In Canaanite   culture the heads of clans or city-kings were venerated by following   generations and often received the title of "gods." Human leaders live and   die like everyone else. Often leaders raise themselves up to be almost like   gods. (Vs. 1) They will have to give account of themselves to God. 

2.God's priority is for the poor and needy. (Vs. 3,4) Let us never fail to   help someone when we have the power to do so. 





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