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Stay in the Word - Week of February 28, 2021



Weekly Daily Devotional

Week of February 28, 2021





Monday – 1 Samuel, Chapter 25
1. Samuel died, and he was the last of the Judges. (Vs. 1) He saw Israel through  the transition to the monarchy. He was also David's good friend and ally. His  reputation was one of integrity, honesty, faithfulness and blamelessness. Samuel  and other righteous prophets represent the highest moral and spiritual leadership  under the Old Covenant. When our life is over, what will be said about us? 
2. Abigail certainly was at risk when she took action, defying her husbands  decision. (Vs. 19) She was an extremely capable woman, used by God in a  crucial situation. Women, cry out to God, and make yourself available to Him for  His purposes! Men, do the same, and let us each respect one another and work  together for His glory!
Tuesday – 1 Samuel, Chapter 26
1. Let us follow in David's footsteps by leaving God-ordained leaders up to God's  judgment. We, as well, have to answer to God for our actions. Let us intercede  for them, and trust that God will have His way.   (Vs. 9-25)
2. In whose eyes did David want to be valued? (Vs. 24) While it is nice to be  valued by men, there is no greater value than that which is given by God. Let us  always keep that in mind. 
Wednesday  - 1 Samuel, Chapter 27
1. David escapes to the land of the Philistines, God's enemies. He failed to trust  in God, and he lived and acted in a manner not approved of by God. (Vs. 1)  However, God's hand was still on him. The future of His people was at stake
2. The raids were in the modern area of the Gaza Strip. (Vs. 9)  By leaving no  one alive, David protected himself from informants who would pass  the  information to Achish. (Vs. 10-11) 
Thursday - 1 Samuel, Chapter 28
1. Saul looked for a prophetic word from God, a blessing before entering into  battle, but received none. Persisting in ungodly ways cuts us off from hearing  from God.  In his despair, he sought a medium. Though he refused to seek  Samuel's words when he was alive, now that  he was dead, he wanted his  wisdom. (Vs. 6-7) Occult practices are dangerous. Mediums do not really contact  the dead, it is usually with demonic spirits who masquerade as the person. While  in this account, the woman was amazed and terrified, which could mean that she  was expecting to see a demonic spirit, not Samuel. it could be that God sent  Samuel. However, Spiritism  is sternly condemned in Scripture. (See Deut.  18:9-12; Lev. 19:31; 20:6) If we have ever sought to contact the dead, or have  gone to a Medium or Fortune Teller, or read the Horoscope, etc. let us repent  right now, and turn away from it! Only God knows our future, and if we stay close  to Him, He will guide us. 
Friday -  1 Samuel, Chapter 29
1. Why were the Philistine commanders against having David serve in the army?  (Vs. 4-11) 
2. In Achish's commendation of David, his saying that  he was an angel of God   was an expression of praise denying any doubt about David's loyalty. (Vs. 9)  
Saturday - 1 Samuel, Chapter 30
1. While his men turned to retaliation and bitterness, David, in his  grief and  exhaustion, chose a different path. (Vs. 6) Let us follow his example in the hard  times. Read Psalm 25. It could have been composed at that time. 
2. David also showed his appreciation to those who stayed at home to take care  of the supplies. (Vs. 23-31) Leaders should remember to honor all ministry  equally. Those who support others are equally as important to God. Those of us  on the homefront, should also know that our faithful prayers and support are   equal in heavenly rewards, and in God's approval. Let us never give up, and keep  pressing in to God's purposes wherever we are!

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