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8:30 & 11:00 AM Worship Service
Sunday School, Childcare and Valet Parking provided in both services
(Valet Parking is now located around the corner at The Guild, 260 68th Street.)
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Mondays @ 7:00 PM
Alpha Program (meets fall and spring)
A great way to reach out to those who need an answer. 10-week seasonal discussion group on the foundations of the Christian faith.
Alpha II - A Study in the Book of Philippians begins Monday, June 26 through August 21, 2017 
All are welcome to attend.  You need not have attended Alpha I.

First Tuesday of the Month
Glory Invasion Power Prayer and Worship Meeting
Second Tuesday of the Month
7:00 - 9:00 PM
Young Adults Meeting
Ages 18-35
Third Tuesday of the Month
Glory Invasion Power Prayer and Worship Meeting
Last Tuesday of the Month
7:00 - 9:00 PM  - Tabernacle of David Service of Devotional Worship

Wednesdays @ 8:00 PM 
A 12-step program ministry that will help you get free from addictive behaviors of all kinds.

**Men's Bible Study (meets offsite)

Note: Both groups meet every other Wednesday. Call the office for the schedule.

Wednesdays @ 7:00 PM
Healing Rooms
Submit the application below and you will be contacted for an appointment.

Fridays @ 7:30 PM
Gym opens @ 7:00 pm
Meeting begins @ 8:00pm
Ages 12-18yrs

Men's and Ladies' Breakfast Fellowships
These groups meet periodically for breakfast on a Saturday at 9:30 a.m..  
E-mail us to receive notification.


Reach us during the week at: 
Gateway City Church
257/267 Bay Ridge Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11220
 718.921.4673 | office
 718.680.9733 | fax
Office Hours:

Rev. Roger McPhail, Sr. Pastor


Missing past issues of Stay in the Word not posted on this site? 
Email or call us and we'll send you the weeks you want.
Stay in the Word - Week of July 30, 2017

Missing past issues of Stay in the Word not posted on this site?  Call us at 718-921-4673 and we'll email you the weeks you want.



Weekly Daily Devotional

Week of July 30, 2017


Monday – Psalm 71

1.This psalm is a testimony of an older man who has memorized    Scripture. Who does he place his trust in? (Vs. 1-24) What will be said of   us in our latter years?

2.When strength is failing and the problems of aging are more evident, we   should look back and remember how God has not failed us, that He is our   Protector and Helper. (Vs. 9)

3.What should we be doing more and more as we age? (Vs. 15-18)   Instead of grumbling and complaining, let our mouths praise the Lord and   tell of His wondrous deeds!

4.Seniors, let us not be discouraged, our work on this earth is not   finished! (Vs. 19-24) 

Tuesday – Psalm 72

1.This psalm is Solomon's prayer as the King of Israel, that his reign will   be remembered as one with justice, righteousness, peace, the destruction   of evil, and deliverance for the oppressed and needy. (Vs. 1-19) It also   points to Christ's reign as King  and His righteousness established on the   earth.  (Rev. 20-22) We can't even imagine how wonderful that will be. No   more sorrow, no more tears... Spend today praising Jesus for all that He   has done and will do. 

Wednesday - Psalm 73

1.What appears to be success to us has nothing to do with godliness.   Those who hate God may seem to have even more wealth than those who   love Him. The writer of this Psalm saw these things and struggled with   these issues. (Vs. 3-12) It made him question his own faith. (Vs. 2) He felt   cheated. What he needed was an attitude adjustment. Read on...

2.He did do something right, he did not drag his family down with him with   his complaints.  (Vs. 15) Let us learn not to look at others and what they   have, and also learn to only speak uplifting words praising God for His   love and mercy.  Let us be content with what we do have, and keep our   eyes on the prize, Jesus Christ! What believers will have for eternity can   never compare to earthly things that will someday go away. 

3.What did the psalmist finally understand? (Vs. 17-20) To gain God's   perspective on things, spend time with Him in His Presence.

4.What will God do for us, even in our weakness? (Vs. 21-26 Underline   the important words. 

Thursday - Psalm 74

1.It seems here that God had stopped speaking. The people had been   warned by prophets to turn from false gods and turn back to the Lord or   they would be destroyed. Once judgment came, God was silent. (Vs. 9)   When we reject God His blessings and guidance are withdrawn, which   leaves us spiritually dry. 

2.This prayer is a warning that God's patience will not put up with sin   forever, eventually sorrow and disaster will come. ( Vs. 1-23) Let us   examine ourselves today and if there is sin let us confess and repent of it   now!

Friday - Psalm 75

1.Horn is symbolic of power, so this can mean not to bully people in the   climb to the top. (Vs. 5 and 10) 

2.All promotion comes from the Lord. (Vs. 6,7)

Saturday - Psalm 76

1.God's wrath expressed in judgement against the enemy of His people   brings praise to those who have been delivered. (Vs. 10) For instance,   Pharaoh's wrath against Israel became God's opportunity to demonstrate   His miraculous power in delivering them. Think of the  times when God   brought you through a hard situation, and praise Him!




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