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Stay in the Word - Week of September 27, 2020 2020



Weekly Daily Devotional

Week of September 27, 2020


Monday –  Matthew. Chapter 1
1. Matthew gives the genealogy of Jesus to demonstrate His royal lineage (Son of David)  and His link with the founder of the Jewish race (Son of Abraham). Today, let us praise  God for the Jewish people; through them our Messiah was miraculously born! (Vs. 1-17)
2. Engagement, or betrothal was just as binding as the actual marriage and could be  broken only by divorce. The couple behaved like husband and wife, but did not live  together or have sexual relations. Joseph's character is shown in his unwillingness to  expose Mary by renouncing  her before witnesses. (Vs. 18,19) Think of the turmoil he   went through, yet he thought of Mary first. Think of times in your life when you have  had the opportunity to put someone first, or when someone has done that for you!
3. What did the angel of the Lord tell Joseph? (Vs. 20-23) What did Joseph do then? (Vs.  24,25)
Tuesday – Matthew, Chapter 2
1. Some say that the Magi were probably a priestly tribe of Medes. Others say that they  were Persian elders from Babylon, schooled in philosophy, medicine and science. The  importance of this visit is that Jesus is worthy of royal honor from all humanity, and  Gentiles as well as Jews are included in God's plan for redemption. (Vs. 7-12) How did  God protect His Son? (Vs. 12)
2. What did God do next to protect Jesus? (Vs. 13-15) God also warns  us of danger,  either through a dream, or a person, or a gut feeling. Let us keep our spiritual eyes  and ears open so that we may hear Him!
3. What did the angel of the Lord tell Joseph to do after Herod died? (Vs. 19-23) We  learn from this how God watches over all those He loves. He is able to deliver us from all  harm!
Wednesday - Matthew, Chapter 3
1. What was the message John the Baptist gave to the people? (Vs. 1-2) The word repent  means "to turn around." It is turning from our evil ways and turning to Christ, and  through Him to God. This is a free decision on the part of sinners made possible by grace  given to them. Repentance is always a condition for salvation.
2. Who would baptize us with the Holy Spirit and fire? (Vs. 11) Fire purifies or destroys.  Salvation in Jesus would purify those who accept Him as Messiah and destroy those who  reject Him. 
3. The Holy Spirit anointed Jesus for His ministry. (Vs. 16) The dove symbolizes   gentleness, innocence and meekness and it was offered in sacrifice. (Lev. 12:6; 14:22) Jesus would be a sacrifice for sin. What did the Father say? (Vs. 17) This is the Trinity in  example. Jesus declared to be equal to God (John 10:30; baptized in the Jordan by the  Holy Spirit, who is also equal to the Father (Acts 5:3,4; the Father declares that He is well pleased with Jesus. 
Thursday - Matthew, Chapter 4
1. The temptation of Jesus by Satan was an attempt to steer Him away from perfect  obedience to the Father. (Vs. 1-11)  Satan is our greatest enemy. As Christians we must  be aware of his tactics against us. Notice that Jesus fought back with Scripture. Through  the Word we have the power to resist any temptation that Satan may throw at us. Stay in  the Word! Memorize Scripture so that when these times come, you are prepared with  your weapon of warfare! 
2. Jesus begins His public ministry following His win against Satan. (Vs. 12-17) Notice  that when you are going to be promoted in God's Kingdom, the temptations and trials  will come. Fight with your weapon of warfare, press in with Jesus,  and you will have  victory!
Friday - Matthew, Chapter 5
1. The Sermon on the Mount contain a revelation of God's principles of righteousness.  Do we have a hunger for this righteousness? Then let us press in to these truths. (Vs. 1- 12.) Examples: (A) Poor in Spirit refers to recognizing that we are not self-sufficient, we  need the Holy Spirit. (B) Those who mourn are those who grieve over their own   weakness in relationship to God's standard of righteousness. ( C) The meek are those  who are humble and submissive to God, their refuge is in Him. 
2. Vs. 13-16 describe what our character should be like. Let us examine ourselves today. 
3. Jesus's mission did not abolish the law, it fulfilled it. (Vs. 17-48) Jesus equates anger  with murder. Let us be careful with our words! Let us love those who have animosity  towards us. YES! That includes your in-laws!
Saturday - Matthew, Chapter 6
1. Let us not call attention to when we do good. Let our aim be to please God. (Vs. 1-4) 
2. When we pray, is it with an honest and sincere heart? (Vs. 5-8) Pray the Lord's prayer  as an outline for personal worship, intercession, petition, warfare and praise. This is  Jesus's prayer!
3. Vs. 14 and 15 is a sobering revelation. Let us will to forgive those who have hurt us!
4. What do our eyes see? Are we careful with what we watch on TV or the Internet? (Vs.  22,23)
5. Count "worry" as a sin! (Vs. 25 - 34) Let us trust God.

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